Know that You Are Valued

Cheryl Riggen, Founder & CEO


Investing in the leadership of others is how I continue to thrive. 

Hi, my name is Cheryl Riggen, and I take pleasure in valuing people as uniquely designed by God and adding value to their lives. 

Investing in Others

I believe you are visiting this website because you are a leader and want to discover how to increase your ability to influence others. We are all created for a unique purpose in life, and it takes a continuous investment of time and energy to discover what it is. It is a false belief to think that it will just happen. Consider letting us be a part of your growth journey in leadership, where you will have access to abundant learning resources, coaching, and community. After thirty-six years, I succeeded in my career, retired from FedEx Services, and now am the Founder and owner of coaching BEYOND borders LLC a leadership training, mentoring, and coaching business. 

Leaders aren't born; they are made. - Vince Lombardi

I started working for FedEx Express, a transportation company, when I was twenty-four. At the time, I did not have a high school diploma. After a few years, I got a management position because of my work ethic and commitment to the company. By the time I was thirty-four as a manager, it had become apparent that I needed to go back to school and get a bachelor's degree to qualify for higher levels of leadership. Going back to school was my first step to investing time and money in my lifelong learning journey in leadership.

Intentional Focus Over Time = Growth

Growing up in leadership became a passion of mine once I understood how connecting with people is the way to increase influence and lead, not my ability to manage processes, plan, and organize. Much of my leadership growth involves reading books about my faith, leadership, management, communication, and building relationships. I consider some authors my mentors because much guidance has come from their teachings. Besides the reading, I've grown as a leader because God brings people into my life that invest time and confidence in me. Many are working colleagues, business leaders, pastors, friends, family, community members, teachers, trainers, mentors, and coaches. One of my mentors today is John Maxwell, and a great question he once asked me is, who do you consider members of your inner circle? 

Working with coaches helps me see the areas of my life that hinder me from reaching what I want for myself and provides accountability to stick to my action plan. It is terrific to have someone to talk openly with and receive tremendous support. Developing leadership skills requires a commitment to continuously evaluate how you are doing, learning what you should be doing differently, practicing what you know, and making it stick. Working with an accountability partner such as a coach helps focus on the right things and stay on track.  


Our Core Values 

Our core values, Faith, Hope, and Respect, bring power to our partnerships. At coaching BEYOND borders LLC, we want every person to achieve personal and professional fulfillment. Goal achievement requires taking steps of faith by accepting the risk, discomfort, and time it will take to produce results. Hope is that dream that gives us the courage and strength to keep moving forward. From our experiences, we all accumulate personal stories about successes, failures, obstacles, and fears. We develop behaviors that help move us forward or stop us. It is just a matter of renewing our minds so that we can take control and turn them around for our good. 


Vision and confidence enable us to embrace change. Through our training, mentoring, and coaching engagements, men and women realize and reach the dreams in their hearts. 


Hope is the ingredient that brings courage and perseverance into our hearts to embrace change. As trainers, mentors, and coaches, we inspire encouragement for hope. The hopefulness that will carry our clients through their journey leads to success. 


Our experiences become stories that shape our values, beliefs, and behaviors. Every client's life story is considered a treasure to be respected. 

Accreditations and Experience