Be Anxious for Nothing

leadership stress management teams Nov 10, 2021

Serving as a leader of a challenging project will likely have an element of stress to it.  However, the pressure will escalate by primarily focusing on the goal rather than on the present. All team members should clearly understand the plan before work begins, leading to productive work. Presently, what are the team members doing, and is what they are doing necessary right now? Having a project plan and regularly getting the team to give short-to-the-point individual updates will reduce stress and facilitate forward movement and momentum toward the goal. Communication between all group members is critical because all need to understand their impact and value to keep the momentum going. There is a great coaching exercise to help team members reduce stress. Following the script and your team member will experience a positive result. 

Coaching Script:

  1. NAME THE FEELING: Ask your employee what they are feeling right now? What are some of the words that resonate?
  2. CONTROLLING THE ENVIRONMENT: In this situation, what can you change, do differently, or control?
  3. YOUR VALUES AND LIFE PURPOSE: What is important to you in this situation? What personal values do you want to honor? Which of these values are being honored or not honored, and how does it fit your overall life purpose?
  4. REFRAMING: What is another way of looking at this situation, maybe one you haven't thought of yet? Another way to consider this question is to think of yourself standing in someone else's shoes; What might this situation look like from their point of view?
  5. MINDFULNESS: Take a moment to breathe and connect with your body. Draw in at least four deep, full breaths and exhale down to your toes. In ten words or less, what do you see now about this situation?
  6. CHOICE: Given what you've explored and what you've noticed, what do you see from here? What inspired actions do you want to commit to now?