Discover Your Core Values

growth and learning Jun 25, 2022

Understanding your values is a crucial ingredient to achieving a state of well-being. Have you ever worked hard for a job only to discover that you were miserable once you got it? In this situation, your values may not have been in alignment with the position. 

Values reflect what you want to be doing with your life. Values are chosen consequences that can never be filled. Rather, they direct behavior. Whereas goals can be achieved, values cannot be achieved. For example, the value of being creative can never be fulfilled. Even if the person creates a painting (a concrete goal), it would be silly to say, "Now that I have created this painting, I've accomplished creativity. Now I'll proceed with the next thing." Therefore, values are best formulated as verbs in that they are not something that is ever fully achieved. | Positive Psychology Toolkit

Connecting with people is one leadership principle I train and coach leaders on how to do. The attached exercise is a fun and great way for everyone to discover their values, and if you're doing this with a group, it is an excellent way to learn about each other deeper. If you prefer a more formal set of value cards, send me a note because I can get them for you.

Download: Value Cards Exercise