How to Increase Confidence to Achieve Goals

growth and learning May 13, 2022

Many of us must work hard at believing we possess the ability to make a difference in the lives of others. That learning and growing to be that person we long for are possible. It is challenging when you are in an environment of not being told that you are brilliant, beautiful, wonderful, talented, and intelligent. I’m here to share that it is possible to build the confidence you need to achieve what you want for yourself. There’s a great formula told to me by Dave Ramsey, a well-respected speaker and author, that (IF/T x G = M) Intentional Focus over Time x God = Momentum.


When I was twenty-four, I started working for a large transportation company. At the time, I did not have a high school diploma. After a few years, I desired to move into management, so I stirred up enough courage to ask a couple of respected managers to mentor me. I got a management position because of my work ethic and commitment to the company and those mentors. By the time I was thirty-four as a manager, it had become apparent that I needed to go back to school and get a bachelor's degree to qualify for higher levels of leadership. I needed to gain more confidence in myself as a leader. Going back to school was my first step to investing time and money in my lifelong learning journey.

Three Keys to Build Confidence

Become Aware of Why You Lack Confidence: To increase confidence become aware of the obstacles keeping you from moving forward. There are many causes for lack of confidence. Some are internal, and others are external. Internally you could be holding onto fear or a habit, or perhaps there’s simply a distraction. Externally there may be a need to develop a skill, build relationships, or find a mentor?  Many of those that I’ve coached find it hard on their own to figure this out, and the good news is there are plenty of tools and resources to assist with self-discovery.

Be intentional: Once you identify the obstacle, assertively seek ways to eliminate it. If it is fear, understand what is causing the anxiety. Is it negative self-talk, or are you listening to something negative told to you by another person? Replace those thoughts by telling yourself that you are able and willing to move forward. Do you lack knowledge? Begin studying by reading books or going back to school. Do you need a mentor? Stir up the courage and find someone possessing more experience and knowledge than you and ask them to be your mentor. Ask for tasks that will stretch your thinking. Surround yourself with people that will challenge your thinking. It takes courage to do this, but the consequence of not intentionally learning and growing is remaining where you are today.

Put it into Practice: Most people read and study and never actually learn because they forget to do what they've learned. I worked with a team responsible for designing and developing learning programs. A critical component of learning is practice, practice, practice because practicing makes learning stick. Your mind needs to connect what you already know with the new knowledge. The new behaviors you are learning are either replacing or adding to what you already do. Change is not always easy, and one reason it is not easy is that our old behaviors are so automatic it is hard to recognize what is required to make the change. Identifying these blind spots is where I strongly encourage you to hire a coach. Someone that will listen to you explain what your challenges are and assist you with identifying the blind spots. Then, you’ll be able to take the necessary action to achieve your goal.

In conclusion, I believe that the desire you have to move into that next leadership level or to leave your job and open a business or take on a new project is there for a reason. Try not to compare yourself to others because no matter how impressive they might be, know that you are unique and possess strengths. Just be willing to step outside your comfort zone and do what is necessary to accomplish your goal, no matter the time, money, and sacrifices required to make it happen.     

Click here to download an exercise that will assist you with developing a plan to achieve your goal with confidence.